Stop Wasting Time And Money Designing And Managing A Website That Does Not Get Results. Happiness Guaranteed!

To make it short: it is as incredible easy to use and our customer support is quick and proficient.

A bit more detailed: Most CRM systems focus on the requirements of large corporations and enterprises. That makes them far to complex for small companies. Small and medium enterprises (SME) need a lean and pragmatic solution that concentrates on the customer relationship and the main functions instead of nice to have features. That shortens the onboarding period and you get things done from the moment you start.

CodeTheProjectCRM is made for small teams of 1-30 people. For most users in small companies the everyday work with the customers and the clients, the history is much more important than numer crunching and analytics. This is why in CodeTheProjectCRM you find the relevant data like the address, e-mails, internal notes to do's and files all right next to your contact, no matter if it is a person or company. For e-mail campaignes or newsletters tags help to filter and categorize your leads and contacts. The deal section gives you an overview over your expected income and is an easy way to keep track of how your sales are doing. Once you won a deal, you turn it into a project and start with tasks and to do lists.

When you are primarly looking fo a controlling tool. For example if you need to know which employee needs how many calls or time to close a deal. CodeTheProjectCRM won't tell you that. The same applies for a very tight rights management so that user one can only see the contacts from A-B, the other user the contacts from C-D and so on. We are conviced that this kind of managing user rights has a more harmful than positive effect, so we do not offer it.

CodeTheProjectCRM is pretty much self-explanatory and easy to use even for people who do not have much of IT or CRM experience. For an easy start we offer free online webinars as well as an extensive help system. If this is not sufficient to answer your questions, we are always happy to help. Our response time to user questions was around 15 minutes last year. We will not leave you alone.

Besides the possibility to enter and edit contacts by hand, existing files can also be imported into the CRM system. We accept Excel-files and spreadsheets.

To export your data out of CodeTheProjectCRM, we offer those formats too (Ecxel) together with special html- and xml-files for a full data export. This one can be used as a personal back up or to switch to another CRM system.

All you need is a device with an internet connection.

CodeTheProjectCRM is a “Software as a Service (SaaS) and works online. This means to access your data all you do is to open our website, enter your login details and start to work. You do not need to download or install anything, just if you were using the web interface of your email provider. If you are a Windows user or an Apple fanboy, if you prefer Android over iOS or tablets over smartphones, CentralStationCRM runs on all of them. This also means that you can do your CRM job at every place, as long as there is an internet connection. If you enter a clients address from your office, your collegue can work with this information right away, no matter if he or she is at the office as well or already on his way to the potential customer.

Yes, your data is safe with us. We run our servers for your data storage in modern computer centers, which are state of the art as well as monitored day and night, 24/7. By using a modern server infrastructure and frequent security updates we do everything possible to keep your data safe. Daily backups and redundant storage offers the highest level of safety. Further every access on CodeTheProjectCRM is made via an encrypted SSL-connection, similar to the encryption used by leading banks.

To put it in a nutshell: No, nothing.

The 7 days trial is free without any obligations whatsoever. After the 7 days you will receive an e-mail where we ask you which option you would like to choose: either one of the paid plans or if you want to delete the account. Even if you don't react to this e-mail this has no consequences for you. Not until you decide for yourself to use one of the fee-based plans and enter your payment details we call it a contract. You can continue using your account after the 7 days. If you want us to remove your test data this, just shoot us a short note and we will help you out.

Yes, no problem. You can switch your plan anytime yourself within your account settings.